Water Department
Water and Sanitation Superintendent:                   Assistant: 
Larry Bumpus                                                         

Water Clerk: 

Kieshundra Cook

Water bill payments can be paid online at


or phone 1800-444-1187

Water rates:  $41.00 (1st 2000 gallons)

$7.00/1000 (above 2000)

Sewer rates:   $25.00 (1st 2000 gallons)

                       Frozen Taxes (base remains $19.00)

                       $5.00/1000 (above 2000)

Trash:              $14.00/mo. (frozen taxes $11.00) 

                       (Trash Pickup-Tuesday/Recycle-Thursday)

Deposit:       $200.00 ($35.00 to re-place)

Late Fee:              $30.00 (after 15th)

Past due:
Cut-offs 25th of mo.  (no exceptions)

$50 days/$75 after hours

Tap Fees:     $750.00 ea. (water & sewer)

Tamper Fee:    $500.00









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