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About Milford Titus Women

Milford Titus Women was formed by a group of women who care about our town and the people in it. We saw that there are many needs for the people of our town and we wanted to be part of helping to meet those needs. We want our children to have coats in the winter and shoes for school. We want thoes who have fallen on hard times to get the help they need. In our small town there is not a building for WIC, Lone Star Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Clinics, Substance Abuse Resources and people may not know where to go to receive this help. People dont know where to go when they need help with utility bills or help with food. Milford Titus Women has that information. We are the contact that can help direct our people where to go for the resources they may need. Milford Titus Women love our town, and take pride in its history. We want Milford to have a strong future and will work to see that it does.


Milford Titus Women
P.O. Box 241
Milford,TX. 76670

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The mission of the Milford Titus Women is to unite the Women of our community and to be Jesus to our community by meeting one another's needs and encouraging each other to be all we can be in Christ.

T...The desire of God is for the women
I... In our community to unite together and be all 
T...They can be for Jesus by being His
U...Unmistakable hands,feet,and voice in the community while
S...Serving others needs and bringing mutual encouragement


Women taking responsibility for ourselves and our community.

Milford Titus Women Values

1. We value mature women helping younger women to be the best women , wife, mother, and citizen they can be.
2. We value fellowship as it is important for the women of Milford to get together and build strong lasting relationships.
3. We value making a difference in the community by helping others find the help they need and meeting their needs.
4. We value spiritual growth and realize that it becomes possible by the study of God's Word.
5. We value Milford.

Other programs the Milford Titus Women are involved in:

In 2011 we had our Annual Father and Daughter Dinner and Dance.  It was a great success.  Everyone had a great time.  Titus Women had their 2nd Annual Arts and Craft Fair in the Park.  At the Fair a little baby bird fell out of the nest and our hero little Mason with the help of Pastor Steve put the baby bird back in its nest.  We had 3 times as may vendors as we had last year.  We have had the opportunity to help several in our area with food, school supplies and school shoes.  Milford Titus Women have donated some beautiful flowers and bushes for the Post Office, beautifying our town.  Thank you to Arveal Wimbish and Willa Wheatley who spearheaded that project.  At National Night Out we had a drawing for a basket of body care products, a basket of kitchen supplies and a Dallas Cowboy bucket full of car care supplies.  We will be having the 4th Annual Coats 4 Kids Program November 15.  This is our pet program and we love seeing the faces of these precious kids.  They really have a good time.  Guardians of the Children will be joining us again this year.  It is a good time for everyone.  We will be sponsoring the Angel Tree again this year and look forward to working with our community to make Christmas a little brighter for some local children.  We started working on the Farmer's Market for Milford this past summer and are hoping that we will be able to make that a possibility this next summer.  We think it would really benefit our community both by supplying our neighbors with fruits and vegetables but give our local gardeners an outlet to sell their bounty.  Our website is http:/ 

Milford Titus Women work with the Milford City Council in presenting THE YARD OF THE MONTH encouraging the beautification of Milford.

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